Customer Relationship Management

CRM247 – Software Customer Relationship Management is a Web-based customer management solution that comprehensively help businesses and building relationships with customers in a systematic and effective.

Through customer information is updated and stored, thanks to the search engine and query intelligence, businesses can analyze, create potential customers and long years to set out the development strategy of marketing school policy and reasonable customer care.

Fast salient features of CRM

  • Organizations managing business activities: search and market development, sales, customer care support, after-sales service.
  • Management of marketing activities.
  • Executive management of internal information and staff: work schedules, the hierarchy and track events, team management, information sharing within teams.
  • Updates related business activity is logged in detail, reflect each object manage what has been updated, the information before and after the update, when, by members ..
  • Information sharing system offers Vietnam.
  • These functions are intertwined, ready to record information anywhere, enhance work performance. When tracking customers may contact details / opportunities, jobs … while tracking recontact allows reflect the opportunities / feedback / task / event …
  • Design close, handy, easy to manipulate, use anytime, anywhere.
  • Supports export (export) and import (import) the information from a spreadsheet such as Excel.
  • Advanced technology, high security.